Getting married doesn’t hurt your credit

Getting married doesn’t hurt your credit…unless your spouse-to-be hasn’t been honest about their creditworthiness.

Unless you are on the same accounts, you do not immediately help or hurt one another’s scores by getting married.  Your credit score is unique to you.  It can hurt when one person has good credit and the other not so much, especially when applying for a mortgage.

You may make more money than your spouse and can carry the mortgage alone.  Lenders care about credit scores.  If your spouse has great credit but can’t afford the house alone, it does them no good by having you on the loan.  Lenders take into both credit histories into account.  You may pay more interest for the person with bad credit or be turned down all together.

Helping lift one another to better financial health is a possibility.  By adding the person with little or bad credit on to an pre-existing good account (no late payments), you help the entire credit history and open source of credit  by adding them as an authorized user.

Marriage is for better or for worse…don’t let little or bad credit history start your journey on the wrong footing. Work your partnership for the betterment of you both as a whole.

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