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Can My Employer Check My Score?

Yes and No… The potential employer must get your consent before checking your credit report.  The Credit Bureaus do not share your credit score with them but, a variation of your report showing what risk you represent.  They cannot see what a lending institution would see. Below are the states that have laws on the […]

Does Divorce Affect Your Credit?

Going from a two-income household down to one, it can be a rough transition for most people. Many divorced people find their credit in shambles in the months and years after their divorce is final.  It is great when one spouse can buy the other out of a mortgage. However this is not always reality. […]

Will getting laid off / fired from my job hurt my credit?

Because only employment information usually lags behind in being updated, it will not show up immediately. Plus, whoever was your last employer will most likely stay listed.  Credit reports don’t care WHO employs you or IF you are employed.  They care about IF you are paying your bills on time.  As long as you can […]

Getting married doesn’t hurt your credit

Getting married doesn’t hurt your credit…unless your spouse-to-be hasn’t been honest about their creditworthiness. Unless you are on the same accounts, you do not immediately help or hurt one another’s scores by getting married.  Your credit score is unique to you.  It can hurt when one person has good credit and the other not so […]

Horror Stories of Debt Collectors: What They Can and Can’t Do to You

Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, collectors are prohibited from threatening violence, using profane language, calling incessantly, inflating debt and implying they are attorneys or law firms.  They can’t arrest you,  garnish your wages or properties; unless they actually plan to take action through a court order. Here were some outrageous allegations of debt […]